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Friend to Friend Miami Network. Business, Stores, service providers, Professionals, all linked by a trustful friendship

  Miami Business for Miami Customers. Who else than your neighbor to give you the best service. Keep Business in town.

  Miami Web Business Center

 Find what you need.  A business, a store, a proffessional, a service,
Everything near to you, a group of business sharing the spirit to give the best for their community.


Miami Web Business Center Helping your COmmunity

We just release our Web Business Center for the Miami Area, where Business Owners, Professionals, Stores, Services providers, independant works and more, can advertise thires activities targeting their own community,

We want to reach the goal of creating a center where trustable community business can advertise their activities to their neibourghs and friends, and in that way help the community growing.

In this difficult times there is not a big bugget available to advertise Business, but in the other hands in this difficult times is really important and necesary to let customers about your services. That's why MWBC launch this project to help al business from large to small and individuals

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